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My Brain Food Smoothie

brain-food-smoothie (1)
Brain food, we I need it.

I really, really do. It’s no secret that I didn’t always fuel my body well. I spent years picking myself up and putting myself back down with alcohol, prescription drugs, sugar, caffeine, processed foods, energy drinks – you name it.

And although it’s been years since I’ve quit gluten and most processed foods altogether, my brain still feels tired. Some days I feel like my brain is saying, “Hey remember when you were like super mean to me for all those years? Well now you need to treat me right or else. . .” and I’m okay with that. I probably do need the constant reminder.
brain-food-smoothie (2)
So I wanted to share with you all my green smoothie go-to, the one I choose to make 3 -5 times a week. My everyday classic, The Brain Food Smoothie. The one that is fueled with blueberries, chia seeds, spinach, nut milk and a touch of green tea. You only got one brain people, here’s my reminder that you gotta treat it right! Continue reading

Tropical Green Smoothie, take me away to paradise.

I love winter. I live for the snow, the stillness, the grey. I am an upstate New York girl afterall. Continue reading

Pear Cinnamon Chia Smoothie

Sometimes during the fall we let apples and pumpkins have all the fun, but pears are in season too and they are oh so good!   Continue reading

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