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Creamy Polenta with Crispy Beets + Dill Pistachio Pesto

Vegan Dill Pistachio Pesto | @withfoodandlove

Today is all about Erin, the creative genius behind Naturalla Ella, a seasonally inspired vegetarian blog that I’ve been following for years. And, if you love easy veggie eats there’s a real good chance you already love her blog too. First up! Let’s talk about Erin’s beautifully thought out new book, The Easy Vegetarian Kitchen. I really love the way this book is organized. It’s so intentional in every way and I so appreciate that. It contains 50 classic vegetarian recipes, all accompanied with four seasonal variations – I know, so smart! The book is in stores now so go snag it or jump down to the bottom of this post and enter to win a copy!

Polenta is a dish every home cook should master. To keep in his or her back pocket for when breakfast/lunch/dinner feels uninspired. It is so versatile – seriously, it can be eaten so many ways. I really enjoy it creamy, I blogged about this creamy coconut polenta with red curry roasted spring onions last year and it continues to be a standby in my home. Basically, it’s just comfort in a bowl. Today I’m bringing you {a slightly modified} version of Erin’s creamy polenta with crispy beets recipe. In the book, the recipe is made with dairy and I’m sure it’s mad delicious that way, but for now I’m going light on the stuff and polenta can be pretty creamy and tasty without it. So I went with a dill pesto topping instead. I really can’t get enough of fresh dill in the spring. So if you’re into it too you might want to double up on the pesto recipe, it’ll stay good all week in an airtight container and it’s great on roasted vegetables, grain bowls, eggs, pastas – really, it’s awesome on everything.

Creamy Polenta with Crispy Beets + Dill Pistachio Pesto | @withfoodandlove


And, also! Erin’s having a little babe and it’s due out in the world VERY soon!! So today myself and a bunch of sweet bloggers who adore Erin too are throwing her a little virtual gathering of sorts. Below is a list of the party people, you should for sure check them out. A big special thanks to Ashley, Sonja, Alex + Melissa for organizing!

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Roasted Spring Carrots with Lemony Dill Pesto


Except when pickles are involved, I’ve never really been a fan of dill. It wasn’t really an herb my mother cooked with a lot growing up in my Italian American home.  So it wasn’t really something I was inclined to experiment with. But I’ve been love it a lot lately and now, I’m totally obsessed it.

roasted-baby-carrots-lemony-dill-pesto (5)

roasted-baby-carrots-lemony-dill-pesto (4)

Do you know how good this stuff is?

I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for the past 30 something years. I mean seriously. Continue reading

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