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Basil Fig Vodka Smash for #drinkthesummer 2016!

Basil Fig Vodka Smash | @withfoodandlove

Welcome to the 2nd annual #DRINKTHESUMMER!

Today is a celebration.

Of summer.

Of its magical bounty that’s still in full bloom {stop rushing fall plz/thank uuuu}.

And of community.

Last week I mentioned the significance of finding a tribe/sisterhood/your people, etc. – and DRINKTHESUMMER was born out of exactly that. Our work is done almost exclusively behind a computer and camera and alone. And my need to connect beyond that is primal. I think most of the fine people below would agree. I wanted to create an event where we could all participate in something together, on the same day, at the same time. It’s turning into an annual thing and it’s open to anyone and everyone that has a blog. If you are interested in participating next year fill out this form, and I’ll put you on the list.

Basil Fig Vodka Smash | @withfoodandloveBasil Fig Vodka Smash | @withfoodandloveBasil Fig Vodka Smash | @withfoodandlove Continue reading

Cold-Pressed Gin + Juice Cocktails

Gin + Juice Cocktails | @withfoodandlove

It’s a gin and juice party!

Thank you 1915 Bolthouse Farms™ for sponsoring this post.

Missouri is like a thousand degrees right now. It actually feels like I’m living inside of an oven. The temps have been at nearly 100 degrees for 14 days and counting, with no break on the horizon anytime soon. And although I live for all four seasons, hot and cold and everything in between I’m certainly looking forward to my trip up north to Minnesota in a few days. You know, for a little cool down. Even if the high there will be in the 80s, that will certainly provide some reprieve.

This summer I want to bring all the chill – swim at the pool, putz in the garden, grill vegetables, eat vegetables and drink a plethora of refreshing cocktails. Which leads me to – #DRINKTHESUMMER! Last summer, Renee and I organized a group of 38 bloggers who came together on one day to celebrate the seasonal bounty in a very boozy way. This year I want #drinkthesummer to be even bigger and better, and anyone that has a blog can participate.

If you want in, drop your info into this form and I’ll be in touch with details!

So today we’re giving the classic gin and juice cocktail an elevated and healthier spin with 1915 Bolthouse Farms organic, cold-pressed juice. 1915 is an ultra-premium line of beverages made with simple organic ingredients, and available at grocery retailers nationwide. The gin and juice recipe is pretty easy. Pour some gin over ice, mix in the cold-pressed juice, and then top it off with all the fresh fruit and herbs that you can.

Gin + Juice Cocktails | @withfoodandloveGin + Juice Cocktails | @withfoodandloveGin + Juice Cocktails | @withfoodandloveGin + Juice Cocktails | @withfoodandlove Continue reading

Modern Mai Tai with Hibiscus + Thyme + a #drinkthesummer recap!

Modern Mai Tai with Hibiscus + Thyme | @withfoodandlove

For many reasons, but especially because it’s Friday and still very much the summertime – I thought I’d bring you guys something fun to sip on over the weekend. And, pretend like it’s still the middle of July. It’s a fresh take on a classic cocktail, with some updated coolness and inspired flavors.

I call it the Modern Mai Tai. Pumped full of fresh pineapple juice, your favorite rum, and some honey-sweetened, thyme infused hibiscus tea. Definitely no gross liquors or sugary syrups or artificial colors. Just clean, good old real-food ingredients. And, booze.

I’m light on the words today, so feel free to skip down to the bottom for the recipe, or read on for a recap of last week’s #DRINKTHESUMMER party!

Modern Mai Tai with Hibiscus + Thyme | @withfoodandlove

Modern Mai Tai with Hibiscus + Thyme | @withfoodandlove

Modern Mai Tai with Hibiscus + Thyme | @withfoodandlove

#DRINKTHESUMMER was a total success! And Renee and I were incredibly honored to have so many wonderful people/talented bloggers come together, all in the name of love and late summer produce and high-vibe cocktails. The internet can be a lonely place sometimes, and as a food blogger you spend a lot {like a lot} of your time behind a screen. So it was a really fun way for us to mix up the monotony and support one another. So, thanks for hanging everyone.

p.s. We want to make this an annual thing, open to EVERYONE {with a blog}! So if you want to participate in #DRINKTHESUMMER next year, fill out this form and we’ll totally put you on the list.

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Fresh Heirloom Bloody Marys with Old Bay + Spicy Pickles for #drinkthesummer 2015!

Fresh Heirloom Bloody Marys with Old Bay and Spicy Pickles | @withfoodandlove

The past week has been one great big whirlwind. One I’d been dreaming about all summer long. Finally, I had a chance to visit my friends, family, and the place I call home most, upstate New York. It was awesome to be near the water again, something I crave and miss all the time in the Midwest.

There was a lot of food, and fun, and markets, and plenty of quality time with the people I love most. Also, I turned THIRTY-TWO!!! My nana made me meatballs, and when she makes you meatballs you eat them. And then I visited my grandma, and she baked me a {gluten-free} CAKE, with sprinkles and store bought icing, exactly the way I like it. She is the cutest!

Today, I’m heading back to the middle of the country. To see my husband and my cat, who both probably really need me to be home. And to my garden, that definitely needs me to be home because it’s literally bursting with ripe tomatoes and eggplants and peppers. I’ve waited so long for this.

This afternoon is going to be one heck of a harvest.

Heirloom Tomatoes | @withfoodandloveFresh Heirloom Bloody Marys with Old Bay and Spicy Pickles | @withfoodandloveHeirloom Tomatoes | @withfoodandlove Continue reading

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