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Chilled Summer Soup with Cucumber Salad + scenes from eckert’s dinner in the orchard!

Chilled Summer Soup with Cucumber Salad | @withfoodandlove

Hi. How are you? I took a break for a hot minute. Because the last two weeks have been crazy-awesome-insane. The first seven days were spent in Minneapolis at #bossbabefestMSP – I told you a little about this here, and I’ll tell you more about it soon. Then I flew home, and as soon as I toucheddown I hit the pavement running {that’s how the saying goes, right?}. I catered an event for forty for a local start-up company. I shot a big spread for FEAST Magazine. It’s coming out in September, and I really love this one! And then, I prepared a meal for thirty in an orchard, all in the same week.

Eckert’s, a local farm that I have worked with in the past on my pop-ups asked me to come out to their orchard and put on a dinner for {30!!!!} local chefs and food influencers. I wanted to say no and go hide under a rock, but I said yes anyways. I knew right away what I wanted the table to look like. Simple, white, pops of color, mostly peach. And then quite quickly the menu took shape by utilizing what their land had to offer. I planned a 5-course menu in my regular plant-centric style, and asked Julia {friend/fellow STL blogger/food styling goddess} to come and make some of her killer short ribs to go with my polenta. She obliged, and the night was pure magic.

For the guests, the night started out with peach chamomile spritzes, a wagon ride through the farm, picking corn in the fields and eating it off the cob. Then a meal set between the orchard and the vineyard full of chilled summer soup, peach and green tomato salad, fresh sweet corn polenta, Julia’s short ribs, goat cheese cheesecake with hibiscus blackberries and plenty of Old Bakery Beer. For me and Julia, we ran around like crazy people trying to pull off a very put together facade and chill vibe. Fact though, we had no chill. But, I do think we actually pulled it off. Maybe?

Dinner In The Orchard | @withfoodandloveDinner In The Orchard | @withfoodandloveDinner In The Orchard | @withfoodandloveDinner In The Orchard | @withfoodandlove Continue reading

Almost-Raw Carrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream

Carrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream | @withfoodandlove

Know that feeling when you are so excited for a major event to happen in your life, like a wedding or a party or a graduation or something super monumental. And then it happens and then it’s over and then you feel mega-depressed about it because it was literally everything you could think about and plan for for months? Is there a word for that? I feel that.

Thursday night was my inaugural pop-up and it was magical and every bit of awesome I imagined and more. Somehow I managed to take photographs in between the madness, and I’m going to post about it soon. For now though, you can get a few glimpses of the event, and listen to some chatter over here. Also! St. Louis friends, my next dinner will be in August. More details on that soon.

A few things making me happy during this short interim of despondency. Coffee and a lot of it. And this vegan turmeric cream, because it makes everything better, srsly. I’ve been drizzling it on toast, salad, roasted veg and everything in between. Raw cashews, blended with Simply Organic‘s freshly ground turmeric and a little salt and pep and that’s it you guys. Simplicity at it’s finest. And, it’s especially delicious over this almost raw, four-ingredient carrot gazpacho.

Carrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream | @withfoodandloveCarrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream | @withfoodandloveCarrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream | @withfoodandloveCarrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream | @withfoodandlove Continue reading

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