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Dark Chocolate Ginger Bark with Cinnamon + Sea Salt

Vegan, gluten-free chocolate ginger bark.
Dark Chocolate Ginger Bark with Cinnamon + Sea Salt | Dark chocolate ginger bark subtly sweetened with hints of cinnamon and finished with sea salt. The perfect chocolate bark to gift. Naturally vegan, and gluten-free.
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Dark Chocolate Bark with Coffee Pistachios + Sea Salt

dark-chocolate-coffee-bark (1)
I seriously had no idea how easy bark was to make, it actually kind of feels like I’m cheating at cooking. Which typically, I wouldn’t like. I love the slow process of making something from scratch – but during the holidays, things tend to get hectic and sometimes really crazy and this little treat is so easy to put together with minimal effort and ingredients.

Bark ingredient combinations are endless, you can really put your own spin on it however you want! But, this bark is pretty special to me since its four components are some of my most favorite things on earth.

dark chocolate
and really, really good quality sea salt.

dark-chocolate-bark (2)
dark-chocolate-bark (1)
dark-chocolate-coffee-bark (2)

This bark stands out in a crowd and fancy enough without being pretentious. Add it to your holiday baking repertoire, you seriously won’t regret it. I’m wishing you a warm holiday season full of peace and love and light and good health.

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