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Roasted Fennel with White Beans + Garlicky Parsley Oil

Roasted Fennel + White Beans | @withfoodandlove

Have you ever tried roasting fennel? Roasted fennel deepens, develops, magically transforms in the oven. Roasted fennel is one of my favorite things. But first!

Tomorrow will be the two month mark of living in St. Louis and although all of my boxes are unpacked and things are continuously starting to feel more lived in – my walls are completely bare. This cross-country move slowed me down in a way I never anticipated and I’ve been playing a serious game of catch-up ever since the holidays and packing up our home in Philly.

My to-do lists have become exponentially longer and seemingly never-ending.

And on top of all my work stuff, I just can’t keep up with all the home things I want to do and that seriously bums me out. A happy mind lives within a happy home and my home and walls need a little more love and joy splashed up on them. There are things I want to paint and rooms I need to organize and there are tons of plants I want/NEED to buy – I am dreaming of an indoor jungle vibe. Oh and I’ve got to start working on my garden! Raised beds need to be built but most importantly, I’ve got to start my little seedlings, like yesterday.

Roasted Fennel + White Beans | @withfoodandlove

Roasted Fennel + White Beans | @withfoodandlove

Roasted Fennel + White Beans | @withfoodandlove

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Guest Post: {Warm} Watermelon Radish Salad by, Live Nourished

Next up on The Spring Dish {PLANT POWER} blog series is the ultra-loving, Kristen of Live Nourished. Over the past year Kristen and I have gotten to know each other as classmates while we attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition together.  Now as friends and fellow Health Coaches we’re sharing our love for plants and healthy eating. I’m so thankful to know such a wonderful and warm human being like Kristen, what a gift she is to the world! Continue reading

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