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25 Vegetarian Soups + Stews to Soothe Your Soul


So Valentine’s Day is upon us. For some of us, that means roses and chocolate + lots and lots of love. For others it might be a little more lonesome, a little less red + pink and little bit more blue. But one thing I know for sure is, that it doesn’t matter whether you have a Valentine or not, nothing spreads more warmth + soul-soothing love than a big bowl of delicious soup.

And if it seems like winter might be overstaying its welcome a tad where you live, it’s because it is. With another major snowstorm heading our way tonight, you should probably find your favorite soup from this list, run to the grocery store, get all the ingredients, go home, make a giant pot of it, snuggle up and watch your favorite rom-com. But we’re in the homestretch now. We got this and I love you.

I’ve rounded up 25 beautiful + nourishing vegetarian soups and stews – free of gluten, soy, eggs + dairy. I’ve organized them into three different categories, there’s definitely something for everyone: Creamy + Smooth, Hearty + Satisfying and Chowder, Chili + Stew. So dig in + get your veggie-powered soup on.

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