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Peppered Balsamic Strawberry Pots + scenes from modena!

Peppered Balsamic Strawberry Pots | @withfoodandlove

Spring! It’s happening folks. And these peppered balsamic strawberry pots are too. Here in St. Louis strawberries aren’t in season quite yet, but I’ve been vibing on the organic ones from Cali that are flooding my grocery stores. I’m doing it, it’s early still, but my heart and soul crave it. And, because I’m an adult, and because I’m doing the best I can. And because sometimes a girl needs a berry in March. These peppered balsamic strawberry pots are vegan and naturally gluten-free featuring Silk’s vanilla dairy-free yogurt alternative. It’s a soy-based food, which I consume very little of but feel good about this choice as it’s non-GMO, and carrageenan-free.

Balsamic was made for strawberries. And pepper was made for sweet balsamic strawberry pots. If pepper in sweet stuff sounds a little out of the box for you, I totally get it. Hear me out, just a little twist goes a long way – adding the right amount of earthiness to mellow out the strawberry’s sweet notes. For more sweet/pepper combo inspiration, I made this cocktail last fall.

Peppered balsamic strawberry pots are easy enough for weekday breakfasts, impressive enough for fancy/chill weekend brunches, and satisfyingly delicious for late afternoon snacks and/or dessert. Additionally this macerated balsamic strawberry mixture would be a fantastic shortcake topping this summer. Or when combined with a few fresh herbs the right bruschetta mix.

Last weekend Chris and I got down to business with some outdoor spring cleaning. Lots of back-breaking weeding, fresh mulch spreading, leaf raking and garden prep in the warm 60 degree sunshine. Green leaves are on the trees, and my backyard is already back to its wild jungle self. It feels like it sprouted up overnight. I guess it kinda did. Last year I didn’t get my garden beds built and planted until the end of May. So this year I’m turning my full attention to the spring garden. During this season of rebirth I’ve been making an honest effort to cut down on plastic consumption, while repurposing plastic bags and containers whenever possible. Silk’s packaging {cartons, containers, etc.} make great little seedling starters.

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Vegan Tart Citrus Lassi

Vegan Tart Citrus Lassi | @withfoodandlove

Over the holidays and amidst my move, I took some much {much!} needed time off from my life as a health and wellness coach. I knew if I wasn’t going to have the time to devote to myself, I wasn’t going to have the time and energy and direction to devote to others. And although it was a risk, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. My love for health coaching has been seriously renewed and it feels freaking fantastic. I feel so fortunate to love my work everyday. And I have so much gratitude for the kind and awesome and passionate people I get to work with.

This month’s 21 Days to Lean + Green program is thriving. And enrollment for February is now open! Spots are limited, soend me a message right away if you’re interested in joining next month’s group – it starts 2/09 and I would love to have you on board. Over the past year or so, I’ve worked with a handful of bloggers and I’ve recently discovered I really love working with people in the food industry. After cooking, serving and bartending for a combined 16 years and now as a plant-based chef and recipe developer – I know this demanding lifestyle all too well. Check out what Sarah and Kelly and Bree and Lauren have to say about working with me.

Vegan Tart Citrus Lassi | @withfoodandlove

Vegan Tart Citrus Lassi | @withfoodandlove

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