1. Firstly, your trip! It seriously looked fantastic! A week of all the carbs, all the Italian wine and all the family time – what a magical pre-holiday getaway. Next up, this soup. I love a good broth based soup with lots of “stuff,” and this falls right into that category. This will definitely be high in the rotation come January. Finally, your new yellow table! Oh la la I love it!

  2. Ohh I totally hear you girl! I just got back from vacation too and I need to get back into the veggies and soup game, rather than eating ALL the carbs and wine. Your trip looked amazing, I’m crossing my fingers for an Italy trip soon.

  3. Your trip looked amazing! When I was there I only passed through Bologna at the station and went straight to Gradara, but I wish I had more time in the actual city! I’m going to have to go back. I’m currently battling a nasty case of cold, and a wholesome, nutrient-dense brothy reset sounds exactly like what I need. Thanks for this inspiration!

  4. Welcome home! I saw bits of your trip on social media and it looked amazing! I completely understand the need to detox. I’ve been doing way too much baking which, of course involves eating and my body is on sugar-overload. This is exactly what I need right now and love the simplicity of it. We all need more simplicity, right?

  5. I want to go to Bologna so so much after following along with your stories. Although I think I’d want to go with someone who’s been before, who can find those hidden spots where the women are still making all the HOMEMADE PASTA. And that one restaurant you kept going to {Mariposa?} looked incredible.

    All these things in your home, so lovely! They fit you and your style so very well. I want a dining room table. And that red and yellow combo is bomb. I love the idea of beans and greens, and the refreshing yet heart bowl it would be. xo

  6. I totally feel you on the post-Italy food cravings. We’ve been in non-stop baking mode at my house. If I see one more buttery, sugary cookie, I might just pop! This big hearty, cleansing bowl of soup is definitely happening this week. Thank you for the inspo.

  7. That soup pot is so stunning. Im with you on some hearty soup – this may be a season of indulgence but I think I might explode if I have to consume one more peppermint flavoured thing. Gorgeous shots! xo

  8. Hello, thank you for your amazing recipes. Do You know that your website advertising for Carrefour supermarket foie gras? Being vegan conscious I thought you ought to know as “foie gras” involves a lot of suffering to ducks or geese. Blessings, Anyes.

    • Hi Anyes – I didn’t realize this particular ad was displaying on my website. That’s horrible. Unfortunately though, there is little I can do about it because the ads shown to you are based on information that your computer holds {cookies}. So for whatever reason, the cookies stored on your end is surfacing this advertisement. I do appreciate your feedback/concern and taking the time to write me. All the best, xx.

  9. I can totally relate. “Wonderful and relaxing + hectic and exhausting” basically sums up every trip abroad I’ve ever taken. I’m grateful none of these trips have involved my in-laws yet (knock on wood). We lose so much sleep and hydration on these trips and these long flights. This type of soup is the perfect answer. It looks amazing.

  10. Ah we were in Bologna at the same time (I’m still here actually!). We need to meet for coffee next time you are here! I totally relate to the detox sentiment. This soup still looks really Italian (and really, really good). Happy detox-ing from mortadella and tortellini and tagliatelle.

  11. Ah this bowl is everything I’ve been craving lately. I do love a good white bean in pretty much everything, and this one is everything, Sherrie. Your trip looked dreamy. I know what you mean about a home away from home, I often think about our little town in France that way. There is something so familiar about some of those little European towns, their culture is so strong you immediately feel a part of something great. Happy early holidays to you, hoping that yellow table is bringing all things of comfort and joy. xx

  12. I love simple bean soups like this! And I know what you mean about traveling. As much as it’s fun to indulge while you’re away, I always crave these types of things once I’m home. So jealous of your Bologna travels! My dream come true.

  13. If one would want to dress this up a bit (not that it’s not wonderful as is) could I replace some of the water or broth w/a dry white wine?

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