short + sweet | Creamy Iced Coffee Pops with Espresso + Cacao Nib Crunchies for #popsicleweek!

Vegan Creamy Iced Coffee Pops | @withfoodandlove

Welcome to another edition of {short + sweet}.

I’ve spent the past few days escaping the Missouri heat up in Minneapolis. Eating arepas and vegan soft-serve, and planning like a crazy woman with Amanda because we have a lot of stuff in the works, and I can’t wait to tell you about it soon. Other things that have been happening – a lot of iced coffee drinking, and excessive day dreaming about these creamy iced coffee pops with crunchy espresso and cacao bits that I had to leave behind in my freezer. Because it’s #popsicleweek you guys! Thanks to Billy over at Wit & Vinegar, bloggers have been flooding the internet with dozens and dozens of cold treats. Click here to access all the popsicle recipes.

This is my third year participating. Here is what I contributed in 2015, and in 2014. And, here are a few of my favorites from #popsicleweek 2016!

Sophie’s Coconut Chai Ice Cream Bars.

Alanna’s Blackberry Maple Cream Popsicles.

Liz’s Prosecco Raspberry Popsicles.

Sara’s Cucumber Mint Green Tea Popsicles.

Jessica’s Fruity Rainbow Froyo Pops.

These creamy iced coffee pops taste just like coffee ice cream, except the cream part is made with cashews. Also there’s two beautiful thin layers of espresso beans and cacao nibs. They add a little texture and crunch and extra zip. Today’s post is sponsored by Silk’s Nutchello. Thanks for supporting the brands that make it possible to bring you free, quality content each week. Nutchello comes in three creamy, rich flavors, and all three are equally rich and creamy and delicious. Click here for a $.75 off coupon!

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short + sweet | Cold-Pressed Gin + Juice Cocktails + some #drinkthesummer details!

Gin + Juice Cocktails | @withfoodandlove

Welcome to another edition of {short + sweet}.

It’s a gin and juice party!

Missouri is like a thousand degrees right now. It actually feels like I’m living inside of an oven. The temps have been at nearly 100 degrees for 14 days and counting, with no break on the horizon anytime soon. And although I live for all four seasons, hot and cold and everything in between I’m certainly looking forward to my trip up north to Minnesota in a few days. You know, for a little cool down. Even if the high there will be in the 80s, that will certainly provide some reprieve.

This summer I want to bring all the chill – swim at the pool, putz in the garden, grill vegetables, eat vegetables and drink a plethora of refreshing cocktails. Which leads me to – #DRINKTHESUMMER! Last summer, Renee and I organized a group of 38 bloggers who came together on one day to celebrate the seasonal bounty in a very boozy way. This year I want #drinkthesummer to be even bigger and better, and anyone that has a blog can participate.

If you want in, drop your info into this form and I’ll be in touch with details!

So today we’re giving the classic gin and juice cocktail an elevated and healthier spin with 1915 Bolthouse Farms organic, cold-pressed juice. 1915 is an ultra-premium line of beverages made with simple organic ingredients, and available at grocery retailers nationwide. The gin and juice recipe is pretty easy. Pour some gin over ice, mix in the cold-pressed juice, and then top it off with all the fresh fruit and herbs that you can.

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Romaine Wedge Salad with Chive Dressing + Smoky Sunflower ‘Bacon’ Bits

Vegan Romaine Wedge Salad | @withfoodandlove

The wedge salad. A classic dish. A recipe that doesn’t necessarily need to be messed with or fussed over. And a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. Crisp iceberg layers, creamy blue cheese dressing, sweet tomatoes and crispy, smoky bacon bits.

I don’t eat them often, but when there’s a real good one on a menu I trust, I go for it. And while I was back home visiting my folks in New York last weekend I really couldn’t resist it. And as I was eating this wedge salad, I was like this is so good. I love it so much. I want to eat this everyday. Which got me thinking. How could I make this still taste really delicious, but keep it in line with my food philosophy? I got home, and got to work. A romaine wedge salad. A vegan wedge salad! Gasp.

But before we get into this vegan wedge salad, I want to tell you a story.

Not too long ago I posted a recipe for a potato-less potato salad.

It’s gotten rave reviews.

And, it’s also gotten some major kickback.

I get it though, potato salad is emotional.

Vegan Romaine Wedge Salad | @withfoodandloveVegan Romaine Wedge Salad | @withfoodandloveVegan Romaine Wedge Salad | @withfoodandloveVegan Romaine Wedge Salad | @withfoodandlove Continue reading

Peppered Balsamic Strawberries + scenes from late spring!

Peppered Balsamic Strawberries | @withfoodandlove

My inaugural pop-up, Late Spring was even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, largely due to the people who helped me along in the process. Before we get to these peppered balsamic strawberries, I have a few people to thank.

Lisa, I literally could not have pulled this off without you. Like very literally, you made the night so seamless and smooth. Eckert’s, and Urban Chestnut the local berries and beer were a hit. Chris, my husband who wildly supports each one of my crazy ideas. And to the guests, it was your kindness and enthusiasm and presence that made this night the one that it was. Thank you! The menu was comprised of local produce and cheese and bread and booze and beer. And, it was perfect.

LATE SPRING – May 19, 2016

The Aperitivo
pinckney bend gin, contratto bitter, strawberry shrub, retrailer chamomile syrup

The Toast
union loafers baguette, baetje goat cheese, micro pea shoots

The Salad
fennel, kohlrabi, celery, radish, micro greens, turmeric, lemon

The Risotto
arborio rice, asparagus, radish, rosy buck farm hens egg

The Dessert
coconut panna cotta, eckert’s strawberries, saba, buckwheat groats

The Digestivo
art in the age rhubarb, amaro montenegro, rose water, retrailer rose syrup

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Potato-less Potato Salad with Poached Radishes

Potato-less Potato Salad with Poached Radishes | @withfoodandlove

Potato-less potato salad.

Don’t judge me.

This is something that you want.

No, really.

Keep reading.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m out in Denver. Parading around my old neighborhoods and spending as many hours/minutes/seconds/breaths as I can with my nephew, and all the other people here that I love a lot. It’s Friday and it’s a holiday weekend {yay, summer!} and keeping this light on the words is best for everyone. So let’s jump right into this potato-less potato salad.

Potato-less Potato Salad with Poached Radishes | @withfoodandlovePotato-less Potato Salad with Poached Radishes | @withfoodandlovePotato-less Potato Salad with Poached Radishes | @withfoodandlove Continue reading

Coconut Green Drink with Pineapple + Mint

Pineapple Mint Coconut Green Drinks | @withfoodandlove

I’m in Denver right now.

I’m writing this as my nephew naps. Catching up on all the last minute work stuffs I have on my plate, handing in freelance assignments, and checking off the essential to-dos on my never-ending {even when I’m on vacation} list. After that happens, I can have a proper break. I haven’t left St. Louis since Italy. I’ve been all work, almost no play. And this little break out west feels right.

Life here is slow and sweet.

Just as I remember it. I plan to cook for my family. Snuggle my nephew up. See some friends who I’ve missed dearly. Drink a lot of coffee. See my favorite band at my favorite venue. Breathe in that fresh mountain air. Virtually detox as much as possible. And hit up as many high-vibe, eat and drink places as I can. Because the Midwest does not exactly boost an impressive number of these.

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short + sweet | Carrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream

Carrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream | @withfoodandlove

Welcome to another edition of {short + sweet}.

Know that feeling when you are so excited for a major event to happen in your life, like a wedding or a party or a graduation or something super monumental. And then it happens and then it’s over and then you feel mega-depressed about it because it was literally everything you could think about and plan for for months? Is there a word for that? I feel that.

Thursday night was my inaugural pop-up and it was magical and every bit of awesome I imagined and more. Somehow I managed to take photographs in between the madness, and I’m going to post about it soon. For now though, you can get a few glimpses of the event, and listen to some chatter over here. Also! St. Louis friends, my next dinner will be in August. More details on that soon.

A few things making me happy during this short interim of despondency. Coffee and a lot of it. And this vegan turmeric cream, because it makes everything better, srsly. I’ve been drizzling it on toast, salad, roasted veg and everything in between. Raw cashews, blended with Simply Organic‘s freshly ground turmeric and a little salt and pep and that’s it you guys. Simplicity at it’s finest. And, it’s especially delicious over this almost raw, four-ingredient carrot gazpacho.

Carrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream | @withfoodandloveCarrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream | @withfoodandloveCarrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream | @withfoodandloveCarrot Gazpacho with Turmeric Cream | @withfoodandlove Continue reading

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