Feel Good Fridays | The Nourished Kitchen Book Review + Giveaway

I was standing in my kitchen when I got the knock on my door. It was a package for me. Finally I thought, the day has come. The day I’d been waiting for all winter long. I tore open the weighty package and yelled with joy. Jenny McGruther’s Continue reading

Chamomile + Coconut Mango Milkshake

I have good news for everyone – it’s mango season! My favorite time of year. I crave this fruit all winter long and relish the moment when I find that first, perfectly ripe mango come spring. Right now my local grocer is flooded with mangoes. Yesterday I spotted crates upon crates of my favorite mango variety Continue reading

Feel Good Fridays | With Food + Love Turns One, Celebrating with Boozy Green Lemonades

I get it, celebrating the birth of your blog may be a tad self-indulgent. But that said, With Food + Love is my baby. This is my space. This is a little slice of the interwebs that I’ve claimed as my own and that I call home. And I guess you’d say I’m brave enough to let the whole world into it. Continue reading

Spring Harvest Buddha Bowls with a Dill + Shallot Vinaigrette

Buddha Bowls, simply put, are a collection of vegetables and plant-based ingredients in a bowl, drizzled with super yummy dressing. If you aren’t familiar with this super easy to put together meal, now is the time to get acquainted. Continue reading

Roasted Baby Spring Carrots with Lemony Dill Pesto

Except when pickles are involved, I’ve never really been a fan of dill. It wasn’t really an herb my mother cooked with a lot growing up in my Italian American home.  So it wasn’t really something I was inclined to experiment with. But I’ve been love it a lot lately and now, I’m totally obsessed it.

Continue reading

Feel Good Fridays | Philly I Love You, I Think

Exactly four years and a couple odd days ago, my husband {then boyfriend} Chris and I moved to Philadelphia, PA from Denver, Colorado. When we left Colorado I was in need of desperate change; I needed to find that something that was missing. Something to ignite me, something to feel good about. Continue reading

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