Classic Avocado Toast with Cilantro Lime Cashew Cream

Avocado toast – the bestest of all breakfasts. The classic standby, the old faithful. It never disappoints, it never lets you down. And for most of you this {I’m assuming so} avo-toast isn’t a new concept. We’ve all been rockin’ this breakfast Continue reading

Fajita Veggie Burger Bowls with Blistered Sweet Reds + Cilantro Lime Cashew Cream

The late summer produce is bringin’ it hard right now and I’ve drawn major inspiration from Mother Nature’s bounty over the weekend for these fajita veggie burger bowls. Oh and side note, this is probably my favorite thing I’ve made and eaten all summer, Continue reading

Roasted Blueberries and Cream Matcha Popsicles + a giveaway!

Roasted Blueberry and Cream Matcha Popsicles because…summer you guys!! Is it me or does it seem like this summer happened faster than any other summer…or does it just feel like the world is trying to rush the process. Continue reading

Summer Squash Soup with Herb Seeded Crispbread

I’m in the middle of some pretty life-changing transitional stuffs. Stuffs + things that are all really fantastic and for the greater good of my life and the universe that surrounds me. But challenging, nonetheless. These things, we’ll talk about them another day. Soon we’ll get to all of it. Continue reading

Summer’s Bounty Chopped Kale Salad with Nectarines + Zesty Lime Vinaigrette

Life has been really amazing lately, I can’t shouldn’t complain. My heart is full and my days are long, really long, but in the best way possible. My plant-based chef certification program is in full swing, I have another Lean + Green group starting on Monday Continue reading

Banana Cupcakes with Black Tea Cherry Frosting

Can we just start by establishing, that I am not a baker. Nope. Not even close. Truth be told {at the risk of losing a few of you on this one} I don’t really even enjoy baking. Nothing about the process excites me and I think we can all agree that vegetables are my forte. Continue reading

Basil Roasted Eggplant with Heirlooms + Balsamic Drizzle

This Basil Roasted Eggplant with Heirlooms + Balsamic Drizzle creation is infused with every ounce of summer that I could muster. It is the very definition of July. It is one hundred percent {besides the olive oil + sea salt} locally sourced in combination of my fire escape herb garden, CSA share + a weekly trip to my farmers’ market. Continue reading

Lettuce-wrapped BBQ Quinoa Kale + Corn Veggie Burgers with Old Bay Cheddar

Last week my man turned 40!! Yes you read that right. Chris - the man who often gets mistaken as my younger half, is now forty years old. To be clear I am nine years his junior. I mean, you know, now that we’re stating the facts and everything.  Continue reading

Green Bean “Pasta” with Heirloom Cherry Tomato Marinara

I have some pretty exciting news to share with you guys and I’ve been keeping it under wraps for a little while now. But today, I’m ready to unveil it. And no, no I’m not pregnant. I find myself {constantly} saying that. Continue reading

Blackberry SAGE Jam Cocktails

These Blackberry SAGE Jam Cocktails are the bomb dot com. Seriously now jam + spirits together are freaking life-changing. Someone please transport me back in time to three days ago. Continue reading

Garlicky Beet Green + Green Bean Open-faced Egg Sandwiches

Brunch is a pretty big deal at my house on the weekends. Coffee, farm fresh eggs straight outta our CSA box and veggies. Lots + lots of veggies. I’m realizing now as I type this, that I don’t have many brunch recipes Continue reading

Strawberry Basil Creamsicles

Tomorrow {insert large sigh of relief here} is the first day of summer, aka it’s carefree mix-tape listenin’, road-trip cruisin’, farm fresh eatin’, flip-flop, sundress + sunglass wearin’ season. Continue reading

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