Super Veggie Sage Stuffing with Brussels Broccoli and Kale + a giveaway!

As life currently stands, I may or may not celebrate Thanksgiving next week.

Option one - be all comfy, cozy and warm at my mother’s home in Connecticut, sharing the special day with my grandmother and my sister and my husband. Option two – be tucked in tight of the passenger seat of my Jeep, racing the clock, plowing through middle America behind a moving truck. Only time will tell, but until then I will be daydreaming about this Thanksgiving of my dreams.

The menu would include:

Alternating glasses of this earl grey cider cocktail + this pomegranate cranberry punch.
These sweet potato pancakes to nibble on.
This broccoli + fennel soup to slurp on.
Then a giant plate loaded up with . . .
mashed potatoes + gravy
super veggie sage stuffing {see below}
sauteed green beans with mushrooms + leeks
shredded brussel sprout fall salad
roasted acorn squash with caramelized shallots
And then . . .
a generous slice of this cranberry lemon tart
+ this kabocha squash pie, both topped with a giant dollop of earl grey whipped cream.
This super veggie sage stuffing is tops my friends. Super heavy on the veg, packed with flavor and vegan accommodating – POW!! To celebrate the Thanksgiving spirit and the essence of this gluten-free stuffing recipe, I’m giving away a copy of Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by, Jeff Hertzberg + Zoe Francois; the Minneapolis duo behind the popular site, Bread in 5.

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Earl Grey SNAP Cider Cocktails + a giveaway!

earl-grey-whiskey-cider (4)
For the past 10 months, I’ve been living in a perpetual state of uncertainty. Since the day my husband told me he was changing careers and going back to school {which ultimately means us leaving Philadelphia} my head has been spinning in a constant loop of equal parts excitement, anxiety and unknowns. The loop, pretty much it sounds like this…

Moving is fun. Moving is exciting! But…when will we move? Where will we move? When will we find out when we’re leaving? And when that comes, will I want to go? Will I be happy? Will I be scared? How will my relationship{s} change? Will my husband be working more? Will I see my husband less? Will I see my family less? Will I be lonely?

A n n n n d . . . repeat.

earl-grey-whiskey-cider (1)
earl-grey-SNAP-cider-cocktail (1)
I am trying to be patient. I am trying to stay flexible. I’m trying to keep positive, radiate good vibes and manifest our destiny of good health + good fortune. I remind myself daily that good things come to those who wait. And, to those who work hard. Two things my husband and I have gotten a lot of practice with in 2014. Nonetheless, patience and flexibility, don’t come so easy for me. It’s just not the way I’m wired.

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Broccoli Fennel Soup with Kale + Meyer Lemon Zest

broccoli-fennel-soup (3)
So I talk about my CSA, Philly FoodWorks – a lot. The people behind this mission are my heroes and when/if I leave Philadelphia this will be on the very top of my “things I will greatly miss” list. For the past six months I have been working with Philly FoodWorks to spread their good word, their honest mission and bring you weekly plant-based recipes using their beautiful, locally sourced, organic produce.

And – I’ve loved every second of it.

broccoli-fennel-soup (2)
While I was away in Denver {you can read more about that here} our collaboration paused for a bit. And while I was busy traveling out west and fueling my soul with new sights and inspiration, they were busy doing equally awesome stuff. Like delivering quality produce and locally crafted artisan eats, as in breads, cheeses and jams. Additionally they were kicking ass, carving pumpkins and creating all sorts of awesome simple syrups and cocktails with my friends over at Art in the Age. Philly rules man, it’s so great to see such positive vibes being spread here through good people and good food.

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Shredded Harvest Hash + Fried Egg Breakfast Tacos

harvest-hash (1)
Life is wild. One minute you’re slicing away, grooving to some old school Fiona and the next you’re sitting in the emergency room praying to god that you aren’t gonna lose a pinky. Yesterday as I was practicing my knife skills for my plant-based chef training program at Rouxbe I had a pretty serious knife/finger injury. I’ll spare you the details, because we’re talking about FOOD here people.

But first, here are a few things I learned from my fun little trip to the ER…

1. I need to slow down + pay attention; like for real.
2. My new chef knife is seriously sharp.
3. The emergency room takes about 3,000 hours longer than you think it will.
4. Things could be worse.
5. I am/will be okay.

Okay so enough about my life. Let’s talk about our neon-loving, food-obsessed, guest of honor today, JESSICA + her new little babe to be!! I first fell in love with Jessica via Pinterest a while back. I mean these veggie sliders of hers taunted me for years. Finally, I made a little version of my own inspired by her beauties, because DUH – I had to.
harvest-hash (2)
Jessica is a huge blogging inspiration + total pro. She is authentic as it gets. AND in addition to her bundle of joy she has a brand new book out, Seriously Delish + you definitely need a copy!! These Shredded Harvest Hash + Fried Egg Breakfast Tacos are my ode to her. They’re as over the top as any veggie taco could be!! A perfectly crispy fried egg, layered with ripe avocado and sprinkled with shredded harvest vegetable hash – that kind of looks like confetti. I mean…this is a celebration, right?

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Roasted Romanesco Leek + Brussel Sprout Salad with Green Olive Dressing + scenes from cascadian farm

roasted-romanesco (3)
I’ve only been there twice. Each visit lasted just a few days, but the scenes will stay with me for a lifetime. There is something so majestic about the Pacific Northwest. The thick billowy clouds, greyish-smoky skies, cerulean mountain tops and vibrant green forests as far as the eye can see.

A few weeks ago, in between my jaunts back and forth from Philly to Denver –  I was fortunate enough to take a trip out west to Seattle and visit the home of Cascadian Farm. The trip was packed with adventure. Forty-eight hours of eating amazing food, meeting new friends and snapping about a bajillion photos in the Cascadian Mountains.
cascadian-farm-home-farm (5)
cascadian-farm-home-farm (6)
As soon as I arrived, I grabbed snacks + wine with this little lady. Afterwards, we caught dinner with the Cascadian team and some other lovely bloggers at Sitka + Spruce. It was the effing bomb dot com. For real – seriously one of the best meals I’ve had in a really long time. It was near perfection. I’m not getting paid to say this, I just really loved it. If you’re in Seattle, definitely eat there. In fact, you should totally fly to Seattle, just to eat there.  Continue reading

Steel Cut Oats with Maple Roasted Pears + Pomegranate

steel-cut-oats (3)
I would say, for the majority of my life I didn’t eat breakfast. When I was younger I hated mornings and I overslept like it was my job. Consequently, I was always in a rush to get to school, leaving myself zero time for food. As I got older I just didn’t like eating breakfast, just the thought of it seemed disgusting.

I just didn’t enjoy eating early in the morning and I certainly didn’t make it a priority. I’d start my day out with a cup of coffee, maybe. Then go straight to work and wait and wait and wait until I was so hungry and so grumpy I wanted to eat everything and everyone.
maple-roasted-pears (1)
Now I live for breakfast. Especially on the weekends, yay!! My favorite weekend activity is getting up super early when the house is still and cooking my husband breakfast. Roasting up some CSA veggies, scrambling some farm-fresh eggs and pouring the perfect pot of coffee. I don’t know exactly when I started embracing breakfast, but I think happened sometime between studying at nutrition school and reclaiming my health through self-respect and a gluten-free diet. Continue reading

Red Curry Butternut Squash Stew + scenes from my soup party

red-curry-butternut-squash-stew (1)
At last, I am home. Safe and sound and I have never, ever been more relieved/happy. The past two months, as I’ve mentioned before have been a total whirlwind. Mostly joyous and packed with adventure but sometimes sprinkled with anxiety, sadness and uncertainty. I have never consumed so many cups of chamomile tea and I have never taken so many airplane rides, in such little time, back and forth from coast to coast. I have never listened to the same album on repeat so many times and I’ve never been prouder of my husband. And those my friends, are the facts.

Chris followed his heart and took a giant leap of faith when he decided to explore the world of aviation. For seven weeks straight, he worked his ass off in a strange little hotel room without much sleep and limited social engagement. We barely saw each other and that was incredibly challenging, but when we did it was awesome. We ate a lot of take-out sushi and gluten-free pizza. But, I also managed to cook him a few hotel room meals and stock his freezer full of soups like this little gem.

red-curry-butternut-squash-stew (2)

This adventure took a lot out of us. But all of Chris’ hard work paid off. I will keep you updated on what that means for us in the future, but for now we are home and happy and full of gratitude. Thank you for all your beautiful comments and loving support. Continue reading

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